About me

I travel through life with the moto “Be your own hero”.

My life experience taught me that impossible is nothing. Every goal can be achieved if one sees a purpose in it. With the help of different studies, various practices and unique experiences I learned that there is absolutely no need to quit the job, travel the world or spend 3 months meditating in a monastery to be able to make a change and maintain it.

So far my work and life experience has brought me to different countries, mainly: Lithuania, Philippines and The Netherlands. The majority of my professional knowledge is gathered in multinational and multi-cultural organizations where I continuously observe and learn from the different styles of management and leadership.

Although I started my career in a legal field through the years I discovered my passion for personal development. I got carried away by neuroscience, various coaching methodologies and the impact of eastern and western approaches to human being. I continuously build my knowledge portfolio and gradually bring it to corporate world.

I team up with individuals and teams who are driven for results and want to make a difference in their life/career/organization/the world. With the ones who are willing to take responsibility, put an effort and bring desired changes into their lives.

I am a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles. I absolutely enjoy making order in the chaos and seeing how the pile of separate pieces find their match and join together to make a beautiful picture. I believe that the same principles exist in life – through patience, cooperation and communication the best and lasting results are achieved.

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