Belonging: the core of strong company culture and success

Every corporation strives for success. To achieve this, strong business strategies and tools become handy; however, a strong company culture plays a pivotal role. At the very core of it lies the concept of BELONGING—the key component for fostering inclusion, psychological safety, and employee engagement. Why is it so crucial? The meaning of Belonging The […]


What’s your relationship with responsibility?

It is interesting to observe human relationship with responsibility. If I asked you “are you a responsible person”? I trust your answer would be “yes”. However, if I was more specific and my question would be “do you always take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, words and actions?” would your answer remain the same? What […]


Why do we support bullies at work?

There are different ways to manage people. Some managers use motivation and inspiration as main tools, others are strong in giving clear instructions and asking questions but there still exist those who manage through fear. That’s right, even in diverse and people-oriented organizations authoritarian management style is yet to be gone. Apparently there still are […]

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