It all starts with the purpose

It all starts with the purpose

We all have our reasons why we do what we do. Some of us want just to move forward with our daily activities without thinking too much about the bigger purpose, others, however, have a clear north star that they follow. Many of us are tired of meaningless existence and deadly corporate environments. We are looking for something that feeds our soul and our entire essence. This is where the purpose becomes handy.

Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created. It defines why we do what we do and paves our path to fulfilment. Purpose gives meaning to our actions and that subsequently enables us to feel fulfilled by what we do. And then we see that IT is more about the connection and less about the computers, logistics is more about delivering love and happiness rather than just packages, entertainment is all about inspiration not just meaningless fun.

When our why is truly important to us we can achieve any goal that we set to ourselves and feel lasting sense of achievement. We put all our energy, concentration and effort to make things happen. We don’t even think about excuses or obstacles that get in our way. On the contrary! We get creative and inventive. The challenges that we meet along the road serve as catalysts igniting our creativity to find new ways or generate new ideas. We are inspired to try new things that we’ve never tried and do activities that we’ve never done. We become unlimited. We direct our internal resources to create.

It is an act of responsibility to identify our own true purpose. Usually it is not waiting for us simply sitting on a surface. Often we need to dig deeper, check in with our own values and ask ourselves (as many times as it takes) “what truly matters to me”, “what makes me happy”, “when do I feel satisfaction”?  Our honest answers always point us to the way we want to go. When we know what is really important to us, when we know what floats our boat we can better understand our real why. Just take a look around all your activities – work, hobbies, volunteering, etc. Do you do it because, well, everybody does it and there is nothing more to do? Or do you choose yourself to contribute to something that is meaningful to you?

When our why is strong enough we will always find out how. We will not be able just to sit and wait for the right opportunity to come or the right cisrcumstances to happen, no, we will go and create our own possibilities. We will chose jobst/activities/businesses that comply to our purpose and if those don‘t exist, well, we will create ones. We will attract like-minded people, we will build teams and communities simply by caring about the same type of things.

Our purpose shapes our behaviour in every area of our lives. We consciously choose the providers of our services, the brands that we use, the organizations that we support and companies that we work in. Organizations with the purpose to earn money only do not thrive anymore as consumers look for something more meaningful and important that they could relate to. Because today’s society is getting more and more focused on the meaning.

Therefore, nowadays more than ever only true purpose driven organizations stand a chance to success. Just take a look around: FedEx, a logistics company, is not only about delivering packages, but about “connecting people, places and cultural diversity”.  Walt Disney company aims “to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe”. Apple’s goal is “to create products that enrich people’s daily lives”. Today’s reality shows that the more important company’s goal is to the society, the more people can relate to it and subsequently more people are willing to support it and contribute to it.

Our young generation is even more focussed on how they contribute to the bigger purpose. They refuse to work in companies to which they cannot relate; they refuse to support brands and organizations to which missions they don’t believe or even oppose. Because life’s too short to do things that are not worth it.

The reality shows that success without fulfilment is an ultimate failure. Shiny titles and huge businesses can be perceived as big success however it takes a purpose to make it meaningful and fulfilling. If you struggle today in some areas of your life with understanding “what’s the point” then just take a step back, find a peaceful place and check in with your values. We all have something that matters to us.

"Being your true self is the highway to success".

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