Call for action!

Call for action!

2022 started with loads of great initiatives and goals focused on gender balanced and diversity, equity and inclusion in general. Governments adopt laws, companies start various challenges and engagements to increase people’s awareness and encourage them to expand the knowledge not only on business processes but also on topics that are important to entire humankind progress. Seeing all these great initiatives one question comes to my mind: “how to make them success”?

If asked to complete the sentence “The wold would be a better place if…” what would your first thought be? In other words, who would be the first to blame? And even though we are not here to play a blame game, but the reality shows the opposite. I trust majority of us agrees that: the government could be better, the management definitely has room for improvement, manufacturers, businesses, corporations, male, female could be more conscious, and so on. We always see what THEY could do better, how THEY could improve and act differently, how many things THEY should change to make our world a better place.

And what about “ME” here? How do you see your role in this imperfect environment? Are you the “perfect expert” who has incredible insights how things could or should be done and who can masterfully point the finger to the one(s) who should instigate the changes? Or are you a silent doer who takes responsibility and, without hesitation, stands up for action?

What is our world without us? What is our corporations/governments/teams/families if not people in them? Every type of organization is nothing but a group of individuals with joint effort to create something bigger and make a change/impact. Our governments and management can create the best laws, rules and policies, they can arrange for the best tools and trainings but, at the end, it all comes to our individual sense of responsibility and power of actions.

Responsibility is the state of being the person who caused something to happen. It requires will and ownership. It calls for effort and action. As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post “Believing that you can do something is a job half done” and the other half requires action – to put things in motion.

Let me ask you this – what is ONE action that YOU can take to make your world (family/organization/team/country/etc.) a better place? What can you do to contribute to greater good? How can you support the change that you crave so much to happen? Seriously, without excuses or dependencies on others, I call you for action!

Let yourself go and be creative! I believe you can commit to one action regardless how big or small it is. It can be anything: expanding your knowledge, starting a voluntary activity, practicing empathy, start genuinely caring about someone, taking an initiative, practicing gratitude, etc. There are absolutely no limits preventing you from taking a step forward!

If you’re up to even bigger adventure to take your responsibility to the next level, a non-complaining month 😊 It simply means that for (at least) one month you stop complaining about anything: weather/workload/colleagues/you name it. Instead, every time you feel like complaining about something/someone, you ask yourself a question “what can I do to change the situation? I promise you there is always, ALWAYS something that falls in the realm of our responsibility 😊

Remember, “action speaks louder than a thousand words”. There will always be people who choose to spend their time and energy on complaining about something and pointing fingers, without investing too much effort in taking actions. And there will always be those who choose to dedicate their energy to actioning. They usually work in silence and instigate the changes they’re looking for. Which ones do you choose to join?

"Being your true self is the highway to success".

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