When everything slows down…

When everything slows down…

These days some of us got lost in many things. Quarantine or limited availability of social inclusion brought more challenges than some of us thought. Out of the sudden the apartment became “too small”, family members “too loud”, the couch “too inconvenient”. Many more things become “too this” or “too that”. The end of life becomes less scary in comparison to the lack of opportunities to stay sane while being locked home.

Sometimes we are too fast in believing that we are off ideas. In a split second we run though our habits or things that we usually do and then, for some reason, the future does not look so fascinating. But please pause and take a little longer to discover that there are way more things beyond what you usually.

Below are a few ideas which might help you not to feel stuck. List down the following:

  1. Things which you like doing and which are free
    Yes, there are things in this world that are absolutely free, such like reading a book, walk in a park, meditation, jigsaw puzzle, jogging, crafts, etc.
  2. Things you wanna learn
    I bet you have at least one movie you wanna see, a recipe you wanna try, a craft or a new yoga pose. Wanted to start painting – now is the time!
    ‘m not talking only about another yoga pose or a dish to make. Go further – music instrument, new language or so. Did you know that there are free learning sites? Check things like https://www.coursera.org/ or http://www.edx.org/ Youtube is also full of tutorials. Make use of them! Who knows, maybe that will help you to discover your new talent 🙂
  3. Things you can do differently
    „Virtual“ is new orange 🙂 Think about virtual coffee with friends, virtual musieum visit (check out https://www.boredpanda.com/famous-museums-offering-virtual-tours/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=BPFacebook&fbclid=IwAR1NzueYl0KzkeHZGZR1Ue-KUbcOWukgh0MQcCCDzGfHMZRRVlqET43w6_Y ), virtual dinner with your family, etc. In other words – BE CREATIVE! Maybe now is the time for your new brilliant ideas to rewrite history. Remember, none of great discoveries were done because people were too busy, on the opposite! One of the reasons why basketball was created was to save people from boredom!
  4. Games you like or wanna try
    Board games, card games – you name it! It’s not only great way to bring family together but also an opportunity to improve your thinking skills or simply have fun.

Now look at what you’ve got. It’s not just one or two things on the list, right? I bet you are realizing now that you need to start making an agenda in order to fit them all 🙂 And you know what? All these things that you wrote down (or thought of) are the things that you want, meaning, doing them will make you happy. Your brain will get information that you are having fun and subsequently the amount of dopamine and endorphins will increase and the amount of cortisol will reduce. In other words, your hormonal structure will replace fear with pleasure!

This is not just an idea or a “nice to try”. It is scientifically proven that we are controlled by hour brain based on the the information we feed into them. Remember, our brain is completely isolated and blind and yet in complete control. Hence choose wisely your input in order to get desired output. Help yourself to redirect the focus from fear and anxiety to bliss and satisfaction. Make new neuron connections. Grow in your own ways!

As you can see the challenge here is not in the lack of things to do. The biggest challenge we all face in a different shape and form is self-discipline 🙂 Hence in a way our fear is related to the fact that we don’t know how to be in self-control just by ourselves. It’s absolutely easy and effortless to spend time chatting with friends about these “challenging times” and this way let your minutes and hours to pass by instead of being with yourself and discovering new ways on enjoyment. But hey, there is no better way to learn than by doing 🙂 Hence be brave to try. Again and again if needed. Now is the time for new discoveries and great opportunities.

Have Fun!

"Being your true self is the highway to success".

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