What‘s your inspiration?

What‘s your inspiration?

This question unexpectedly caught me the other day and I realised that it‘s been a while since I thought about it. It seems that the times when I was looking for external inspiration are gone. The times, when I was looking for someone or something to ignite my fire and get me going to concour the world. It’s long ago that I’ve used phrases “ when I grow up I wanna be like Margaret Thatcher“ or „I wish I was so talented as Beyonce or Lady Gaga…“

Thus, indeed, what is my source of inspiration? Myself? Oh no no, saying something like this is shameless and indecent. On the other hand and in all honesty there’s no point in lying. My own curiosity and the hunt for adventure and experience drives me forward. It is me who, with a help of universe, creates her own challenges however small or big they are. It can be a new yoga pose, new language, challenging new project at work to which I volunteer or finding a key to someone’s, normally known as people hater, heart. It can be a new dish, a new mountain or vulcano, a new plant that I grow or a new habbit that I build. I create my own challenges while I could easily sit on a couch reading a book or watching another episode of series.

In order not to sound too snobbish I’ll admit that life itself is my inspiration. The possibility to taste it and to discover yet new flavors. To get to know new countries and cultures, to try new weird things. It doesn’t matter that currently our ability to travel looks like a dream which is too good to be true. Now’s the time to wake up your creativity dragon and find new ways of collecting your experiences!

It‘s fun to play the game of life. To get new adventures, to ask „what‘s that about“ and to look for answers. Sometimes I‘m in Monopoly, sometimes in Locked room and costantly in a Rollercoaster. In the game of life I‘ve learned the I‘m the script writer and the protagonist – the great part of the responsibility for the scenario is always in my own hands. It all depends on me allowing myself to discover, grow, be conscious, make mistakes and learn from them, to forgive, to forget, to understand and so on. There will always be people to help m – by giving a helping hand or stabbing my back – however the main role will always be reserved exceptionally for me.

Sometimes I live in comedy, sometimes in drama, sometimes in tragedy filled with oceans of tears. The sweet taste of tragedy… It was my favourite for a long time. What could be more meaningful! And the role of a victim… Yam! So deep, so significant and so important. The way to enlightnement leads through suffering, as Buddha would say. It was definitely worth trying. How many times on that way I asked my mom why couldn‘t I be more superficial. I imagined how easy my life should be if the major problem was what colour jacket to wear – pink or blue. „It‘s all about choices“ my mother said once (or maybe more than once). Funny, she was totally right, but back then I got so angry and disappointed… Indeed, once in my life suffering was my inspiration. It was so intense and noble… I thought.

Today is another day and enjoyment is my inspiration. I‘m a headonist in my own way – I find satisfaction in everything I do – in a cup of coffee, honest conversation, hot bath, interesting book, a bucket of tears or a cup of sadness. It‘s all about new experience, about an opportunity to change my point of view and start doing things differently. I‘m still the main character in my game of life, however now the choice of script is different.

So, what‘s your inspiration? 🙂

"Being your true self is the highway to success".

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