The power of conversations

The power of conversations

They say that the first step in almost everything is acknowledgement hence here I go – hello, my name
is Virginija and I am a talker. I started pretty early – at the age of about 18 months and since then I’m
going strong – still have a lot to say πŸ™‚
I do believe that a good conversation is one of the most powerful things. It can inspire, lift-up, ignite and
bring back to life. With the help of conversation we can multiply joy, reduce the sorrow, find new friends,
express our feelings and build the strongest relationship.
Good conversation is not only about the words, but more about the connection. Long chat with my
bestie till the dawn is something magic! It warms the soul, calms the heart, fills with the most positive
energy. And it doesn’t matter if it starts with laughter and ends with tears – all that matters is the joy of
the connection.
Bless this age of technology!
In todays world there is absolutely no need to be in the same room or even in the same country to
create and keep the most powerful connection and enjoy heartwarming conversation. Chats, calls,
video calls – everything is out there to bring people together. It’s up to us what use we make out of it.
Every now and then I hear complaints that technology is to be blamed because people less and less
interact with each other and virtual contact has replaced the real one. Well, it’s a pity indeed, but is it
technology to be blamed?
My story is different. The sense of adventure took me out of Lithuania. Initially it brought me to
Philippines and later on to the Netherlands – the place I call home. I’m the only such type of adventurer
in my entire family – all of them are far away from me and yet our relationship is stronger than ever.
Thanks to our effort and technology we enjoy endless conversations and family gatherings. I sometimes
think that now I see my mum even more than back in days when we both lived in the same country!
How often do you let your loved ones and friends to know that you’re thinking of them? How often do
you pick up the phone and call simply to say β€žHey, I am thinking about you – have a fantastic
day/night/weekβ€œ? It takes only a few minutes to make someone smile and feel special – do it more!
If you’re thinking of someone – let him/her know, do not procrastinate, use the momentum before it’s
gone! If you’re one of the busy bees – plan your time! Book a slot in your agenda and then – have an
honest and cosy talk. That’s the high end luxury of the 21 st century.

"Being your true self is the highway to success".

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