The sweet taste of freedom

The sweet taste of freedom

It is surprising how in this free world some of us choose to be restrained. Most of the people with whom my paths have crossed haven’t yet decided to be completely free. I am not talking about super serious stuff and dependencies/additions to people/things/habits. I am talking about something “simple” – inner freedom to ALLOW yourself to do whatever it feels like.

Fake independence

Usually when I say the phrase about allowing oneself to act upon his/her wishes people react as if I was a representative of the universe of weirdos. And then resistance kicks in – “how would it look like if I started walking in my pajamas in the middle of the city” or “what would the world be if I cared only about MY wishes? Who would take care of home/kids/husband/you name it”, etc. „what if I start looking like the biggest egoist?“ Indeed… How would it look like? What would others say? Many questions around, but somehow no-one asks the most important one – who cares? Besides yourself I mean? Do you really think that the world will stop and start staring at you? Seriously? Sorry to be a disappointment, but, most likely, nobody would even notice.

Many people declare their complete freedom from the opinion of others/work/nosy neigbours/food/etc. And still they do not eat after 18:00/19:00 or 20:00. Others put themselves to the gym 5 times a week because “they’re free to do so”. They do not allow themselves to “sin” or “break the rules” forgetting that they are the only ones setting them up… Of course it is impossible to go too long in such a free jail therefore they find perfect ways to compensate their choices with “additional freedom” here or there until one day they find themselves in some sort of borderliner phase… 60 hours of work vs lazy

and drunk weekend; plate of salad on weekdays and McDonald’s on weekends… If only they knew that there is no better way forward than to ALLOW yourself…

The real feel

Have you tried to allow yourself to be/want/behave/think/feel what you really want? I mean, honesty?..

Wanna eat the entire peace of chocolate – go ahead! Wanna have a peace of cake with a herring on top of it – be my guest! BUT(!) with pleasure, consciously, giving yourself freedom to enjoy the moment at its max! It is a universal truth applicable to everything in life. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about another piece of dessert, another pair of shoes or a partner. It does not mean that straight away you need to start breaking the rules/throwing away practices/agendas or resisting constructiveness. For me it’s all about being conscious, hearing yourself and allowing to be the way you really feel at that particular moment.

Beautiful paradox

Did you know that freedom has the same effect on adults as it has on kids? The truth is that the „fun“ is gone when something is allowed. As soon as you stop limiting or blaming yourself for „sinning“/doing something that is not healthy/not spiritual enough/not super feng shui/you name it the different story starts – the story of true satisfaction.

In all honesty I have my days when double portion of dinner is just a starter.. when after the box of ice cream I am reaching for chocolate (although I am everything but a sweet tooth)… And you know what – I go for it! The only thing is that as soon as I tell myself – “go ahead honey, today is your all you can eat day” the craving stops after the second bite (well, sometimes after the third or fourth).. And then – I’m free to stop 🙂

"Being your true self is the highway to success".

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