My morning glory

My morning glory

I love my mornings! 🙂 Back in days waking up early was some sort of a nightmare. I strongly believed that I was not born to be a morning person therefore early start did not give me particular joy. However all of this changed within last three years and before Robin Sharma published his 5 AM club in my part of the world I created my own 5:25 AM club 🙂

How did it start

The very beginning brings me back to the times when I decided to spend a month in the monastery in Thailand. The routine there would start at 4:00 AM!!! Every morning precisely at 4:00 the bell would ring, I would get myself out of the bed and stroll to the temple to start my day with meditation. What in the beginning looked like mission impossible (for the mind) appared to be pretty easy in reality (for the body).

Once I came back to society I continued to wake up early and meditate first thing in the morning. All this was nice and cool when I was free from my office job but it did not last forever. When that (office) day came I needed to adjust and therefore decided to move my morning meditation practice to the evening. In the beginning it was really nice to find the peace of mind after intense working day however something felt not 100% right… I needed to re-plan.

In all honesty there were not too many options to choose from, only 2 to be precise – wake up early in the morning or keep the same. After all calculations I came up with the idea to wake up at 5:25 (why such precision – because I simply like the number!). It was scary. But the positive thought was – if I could wake up at 4 for a month, I would be easily able to wake up 1 hour and 25 mins later 🙂

Why do I do it?

Because I want it! 🙂 The truth is that now it’s easier for me to do it than not to do. I cannot even imagine waking up and going directly to the shower and then out. For my brain it does not make sense anymore. The attitude has changed, the habit is in place hence I happily live in my different reality.

When I leave home in the morning I feel completely ready to leave. Not in a rush but with a smile. I start my day by taking a good care of myself, so that I feel god and can be my best self. My work is all about interaction with people. When I am in a positive vibe I get way more pleasant cooperation thus – I take responsibility for that. Remember, you get what you give hence I choose to give positive and cool vibes 🙂 I do believe that morning meditation gives a different tone for my day. I also believe that doing the things I like, the things that make me happy in the morning boost up my mood and set up positive vibe for the entire day. Belief is 50% of the way to achievement they say – how awesome is to know that my 50% is done before even leaving the apartment! 🙂

So what do I do?

I do whatever I feel like! There are, however, a few activities that are set in stone, but besides that I am simply listening to myself – what do I really feel like. If I needed to make a list of my standard morning activities it would look like this:
1. Meditation – always first thing 
2. Reiki energy flow – always second thing 
3. 2 glasses of water – always third thing 
4. Sun salutation x 4
5. Planking or whatever that comes to my mind
6. Shower time
7. Music for the background (it totally depends on the mood. I can go for various mantras or indie rock 🙂 )
8. Getting ready for work 
9. Breakfast 
10. Smile and off I go Meditation – always first thing

Sometimes I add my gratefulness practice, other times I go for some dancing. Sometimes I have the entire morning in complete silence, other times I sing out loud. Sometimes I read, sometimes I write. The most important – I am free to do whatever makes me happy on that particular morning without any pressure in time. I set the time to get ready, not the other way around.

However perfect all of this sounds there are days when I oversleep. Yes, that happens. The only difference is that I do not panic or get worried. I still start the morning with my routine just a bit later 🙂 The secondary beauty of early wake up is that the margin of free time is higher! Hence even if I oversleep I can still continue doing my things by adjusting their time.

Be reasonable

When I started my morning rituals I was very firm and strict to myself – clear actions, timelines and perfect execution. I have to admit that back then I forgot to plan timely bed time hence there were weeks where I would sleep max 5-6 hours – that didn’t last long. My body refused. Rationale and freedom came along the way. Discipline is the must in the beginning to get into the flow and to build the habit. However more important is to be free and listen to yourself. Remember – the purpose of it is to make you feel better and make you happy, not tu siuffer more!

There are days where I snooze my alarm for a couple of times or turn it off and sleep as much as my body needs. There are mornings where I start my meditation in bed. And that’s totally fine! No rules are broken because the main rule is to hear myself! If there is a morning where every cell of my body asks for laziness and sleep – I GO FOR IT!!! And believe me, I don’t become a worse person because of that. On the contrary, I show love and compassion to myself so I could spread it widely around me.

Think about your mornings, ways you can make them more fun and then go ahead and make them happen!

"Being your true self is the highway to success".

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